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Special Presentation of Meet The CEOs – Commvault and Hedvig

Commvault has acquired Hedvig. What are the ramifications for the combined companies and the storage industry? Find out in our on demand presentation where we have Sanjay Mirchandani, CEO of Commvault and Avinash Lakshman, CEO of Hedvig in a special

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Commvault Buys Hedvig – Insights and Ramifications

The data protection market is at a crossroads. Traditional software vendors like Commvault, EMC-Dell, Veeam and Veritas provide data protection software that resellers or end-users install on servers and storage they acquire separately. The approach tends to be services heavy.

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ChalkTalking Through Commvault’s Acquisition of Hedvig

Commvault made big news with its first acquisition by acquiring scale-out software-defined storage vendor Hedvig. Adding Hedvig to the Commvault portfolio means that customers can continue to buy Hedvig as a storage solution for container environments and secondary storage use

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Why DR Orchestration is a Must Have

Disasters rarely strike at a convenient time, like when recovery polices are all up to date, and when there are plenty of IT staff on hand to deal with any issues that may come up. In most cases, the opposite

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Streaming Recovery vs. In-Place Recovery – Which is Better?

Server recovery from backup typically means copying data from the backup device over the network back to a production storage system or server. In addition to copying the data across the network, the backup software has to extract it from

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The State of Hybrid-Cloud and Multi-Cloud

Hybrid-Cloud and Multi-Cloud tend to be the direction that most organizations are heading with their cloud strategy. The problem is the path to both of these cloud strategies is full of unexpected twists and turns. What is Hybrid-Cloud? While these

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What is the State of Software Defined Storage?

Software Defined Storage (SDS) abstracts the storage software from the storage hardware. It sounds great on paper and looks great on the whiteboard but in execution it fails to impress. Storage Switzerland finds that the large majority of customers still

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Meet The CEO: HYCU, Inc’s Simon Taylor

Backup and Recovery is as old as the data center itself, but organizations still struggle with the process. IT professionals have tried many solutions to solve their data protection solutions, and the market is full of options, but none seem

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How Has Ransomware Changed Data Protection?

The ransomware threat can have a significant monetary impact on the business. Not only are enterprises forced to pay the ransom fee to recover their data, but under various government regulations they also may be charged additional fines per impacted

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For All-Flash Performance, Hardware vs. Media

In recent years the industry has seen the evolution of flash media from Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) based interconnects to Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) based interconnects. And now, PCIe interconnect is standardized around

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