SlideShare: Modern Storage Infrastructures for Modernized Data Centers

Organizations are modernizing their data centers by implementing technologies like OpenStack, Docker, Splunk, Spark and Hadoop. The “default” storage infrastructures for these technologies were originally designed to use direct attached hard disk drives to make access local and reduce costs. But these designs had similar limitations that other direct attached designs, at the same time traditional all-flash shared arrays struggle keeping up the rapidly changing demands and workloads of the modern data center. Organizations going through a modernization process need a modern storage infrastructure that delivers all-flash performance but modern flexibility and scale.

Join Storage Switzerland, Micron and Nexenta for the on demand webinar “Modern Storage Infrastructures for Modernized Data Centers“. We discuss:

How organizations are leveraging OpenStack, Docker, Splunk and Hadoop to make data centers more agile and competitive

  • How default storage architectures limit the potential of modern applications
  • How storage needs to change to deliver performance, scaleability and flexibility
  • How a modern storage architecture can propel modern applications into new use cases

Watch On Demand

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