ChalkTalk Video: Freeing your Data from Storage Prison

IT professionals have more choices than ever when it comes to deciding what to store their data on and where that storage should reside in the infrastructure. Flash storage choices include SLC, MLC, TLC/3D NAND and can reside in the server, on the network or in an existing storage system. Then there are still legacy hard disk based systems ideal for inactive data. The reality is that each of these solutions has values for different data types depending on where that data is in its lifecycle. The problem is that this data is typically locked to the storage system on which it was originally stored.

In this ChalkTalk video, join George Crump, Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland and Lance Smith, CEO of Primary Data as they discuss why unlocking data from traditional storage silos is key to creating agile open computing platforms, webscale growth, and the shift to the cloud.

To learn more about freeing your data from Data Prison read Storage Switzerland’s latest article “Is Software-Defined Storage Enough?

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