SlideShare: DR Strategies For Hyperconverged Architectures

Hyperconverged infrastructure products promise to bring the best of virtualization to an easy-to-manage platform. One question is what they do to solve one of the greatest challenges modern IT environments have: DR? Virtualization itself has done wonderful things for DR, but hyperconvergence promises to take things further. Is what VMware and Hyper-V offer good enough? If not, is hyperconverged infrastructure the answer? That’s what W. Curtis Preston, Senior Analyst from Storage Switzerland and Mike Lyon, Service Delivery Manager from Scale Computing discuss in our on demand webinar “DR Strategies for Hyperconverged architectures”.

Watch to learn about:

  • The limitations of VMware/Hyper-V DR
  • The challenges with adding a third party DR product
  • The advantages of alternative hypervisors and hyperconvergence
Watch On Demand

Watch On Demand

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