Webinar: Four Reasons Why Your Backup Hardware Will Break by 2020

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While backup software vendors continue to innovate, hardware vendors have been resting on their deduplication laurels. In the meantime, the amount of data that organizations store continues to grow at an alarming pace and the backup and recovery expectations of users are higher than ever. Most backup solutions today simply will not be able to keep pace with these realities. If organizations don’t act now to address the weaknesses in their backup hardware, they will not be able to meet organizational demands by 2020. In this webinar, Cloudian and Storage Switzerland discuss three areas where IT professionals need to expect more from their backup hardware and where they should demand less.

Four Reasons Why Backup Hardware Will Break by 2020:

  1. Not Cost Effective Enough
  2. Not Scalable Enough
  3. Only Good for Backups – Not Enough Use Cases
  4. Too Much Deduplication

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