Webinar: How to Use Cloud Storage to Overcome The Three Challenges to ACTIVE Data Archiving

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Any discussion on archiving data makes sense, on paper. Most data centers indicate that well over 85 percent of their data has not been used in 90 days or more. The potential capital savings by moving this near-active and old data to less expensive storage is compelling. However, the operational expense of creating and maintaining that archive is not. Most archive initiatives fall apart when the organization considers the implications of designing the actual archive system, moving data to it, and the impact on users when they need data from it.

For companies to maximize their ROI the archive needs to be active. An “active archive” moves data more aggressively from primary storage systems or eliminates them altogether. This means that the target archive storage area and the interface back to the user or application must be fast, immediate, and transparent.

Traditional or legacy archive solutions simply can’t live up to these new requirements.

Join Storage Switzerland and Panzura for this on demand webinar where we cover why you should really want to aggressively archive data, what the challenges are to an aggressive strategy and, most importantly, how to use cloud storage to overcome them.

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