Box Meets Skype in PanTerra Network’s User Collaboration Suite

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File synch and share solutions like Box and voice over IP (VoIP) and instant messaging (IM) technologies like Skype, have enjoyed widespread adoption industry wide. These products provide essential user collaboration tools for businesses of all sizes, however, PanTerra Networks believes their offering can deliver all of these same capabilities under one umbrella to make user collaboration more seamless.

PanTerra is a Sunnyvale, California based software company that claims to have more than 1,000 customers using their unified file and communication solution. Deployed as a web client, PanTerra provides a file/synch share product that provides standard file upload/download functionality with secure encryption. Users can select individual files or folders to synch and can configure subfolder sharing at any level. In addition, users can specify permissions for what individuals or user groups can view their data.

The other side to PanTerras’s offering is their Unified Communications (UC) solution, called “WorldSmart”. In addition to VoIP and IM features, the WorldSmart suite enables end users to conduct web and audio conferencing in high definition quality, share desktops via the web and share voice mail messages like any other file to facilitate collaboration; to name a few of its capabilities.

PanTerra’s file/synch share and UC solutions can be deployed as independent modules alongside existing user tools, but their larger value proposition is their ability to present all of these services in a common interface to make end users more productive and to enhance the overall collaboration process. Interestingly, PanTerra states that their consolidated solution has a much lower total cost of ownership than when these services are procured and silo’d out amongst multiple vendors.

From a user collaboration standpoint, PanTerra’s approach seems to make sense. I could be having an IM conversation with an internal colleague or business partner one minute than instantly transform that IM thread into an audio or web conference the next minute, all while sharing my desktop to discuss an active sales opportunity.

Likewise, all the pertinent documents relating to that sales campaign could be stored in a cloud folder where all the people active in the campaign could have simultaneous access. What’s more, as a member of that sales campaign group, I could see at a glance who was working on which files at any point in time. That in turn would enable me to better orchestrate my activity, along with my fellow campaign members, to streamline the sales process; or software development, engineering process, etc.

What’s more, with PanTerra, all user file and communications data is instantly shareable. For example, I could share out an important voice mail as an MP3 file, from a prospective client to all my colleagues, to quickly effect change in how the group collaborates to the changing dynamics of the sales cycle.

Storage Swiss Take

With more people working across scattered geographies and in different time zones, PanTerra’s capabilities could enable organizations to work more effectively, reduce redundant activities and be more agile.

PanTerra is not a client of Storage Switzerland

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