Load DynamiX Grabs EMC Connect Award

One of the final highlights here at EMC World 2014 was the announcing of the inaugural winners of the EMC “Connect” award. The EMC Technology Connect program consists of 3rd party solution offerings that have been certified by EMC to work with various EMC technologies – such as data protection, cloud platforms and Big Data technology. Those partners that have done especially meritorious work towards enhancing EMC solution offerings are considered for this award. One such winner this year was Load DynamIX.

Storage Performance Guesswork

Our readers will be familiar with the Load DynamIX infrastructure performance validation appliances. Their technology effectively takes the guess work out of specifying the storage technology and configuration needed to support business application storage IO workloads. Storage performance testing, up until now, had largely been an inexact science. Storage performance planners ordinarily will try to simulate production workloads in a controlled test lab environment, using freeware tools like IO meter. The challenge is, these types of tests tend to rarely represent what production workloads actually look like, given all the nuances and variables that generally exist in a real-world production environment.

Pinpointing Storage Performance

The Load DynamIX appliance, on the other hand, is able to non-disruptively capture production storage IO workloads and then run a battery of tests to determine how well a proposed storage configuration will perform under current workloads, as well as under future workloads – enabling storage planners to implement storage architectures that are in-line with real-time business needs. Their appliance can also be used to validate firmware upgrades in storage infrastructure before they are deployed, like fibre channel switch firmware upgrades or microcode on an EMC storage array. This allows IT planners to implement storage upgrades with a much higher degree of confidence that any changes made to the environment will not cause service disruptions or impact availability of quality-of-service (QoS).

As one of the first recipients of the EMC Connect award, Load DynamIX has demonstrated that their organization is especially committed to enabling EMC customers to implement EMC storage solutions with precision.

Storage Swiss Take

Data center maintenance windows are essentially a thing of the past. In today’s 24×7, “always on” computing environments, automating storage performance validation testing is frankly, a no brainer. The investment made in an appliance solution like Load DynamIX’s performance validation systems, can potentially pay for itself many times over in the potential savings that can be derived by mitigating the risk of over architecting or under architecting your storage infrastructure requirements – to say nothing of the IT personnel time and lab infrastructure savings that can also be realized by many organizations.

EMC and Load DynamIX are clients of Storage Switzerland

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