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In the wake of the Nirvanix Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, maintaining control over business data deployed in public cloud infrastructures is even more critical than ever. Solutions like cloud-to-cloud mirroring, for example, are likely to be the norm moving forward. Perhaps of even more fundamental importance is the need for data migration utility tools. These products allow businesses to seamlessly move data into and out of cloud environments, as well as across heterogenous storage platforms within the four walls of the data center. To that end, Metalogix has some interesting technology.

Data Movement Expertise

Metalogix has been providing data migration and archival solutions for commercial and governmental organizations for over a decade. Their content management solutions have been used to manage and migrate over 50 PBs of data across Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Cloud platforms. Their in depth knowledge and experience moving vast amounts of semi-structured and unstructured data (PDFs, images, Powerpoint files, Word documents, email, etc.) from primary storage systems to more cost effective storage tiers, gives them a decided advantage in the cloud data content management arena.

Any-to-Any Data Movement

Metalogix data migration solution is a vendor-agnostic utility that can move data between disparate hardware and software archiving platforms. For example, users can migrate data from Symantec Enterprise Vault into EMC’s Source One or vice-versa. Likewise, it can be used to transport data from one version of Microsoft Exchange to the next. In light of recent events, perhaps the most interesting aspect of Metalogix‘ IP, is the fact that it can be used to maintain control of data migrated into public clouds.

Push-And-Pull Control

Many organizations are interested in reaping the benefits of ubiquitous, low cost public cloud storage but their genuine concerns over losing control of their data are holding many back from taking the plunge. Furthermore, now that a prominent cloud provider has fallen by the wayside, businesses are rightfully wary about the daunting prospect of having their data held captive within a defunct provider’s facility. By using Metalogix data migration technology to move data into and out of cloud infrastructure, skittish business owners can alleviate their fears over lack of cloud control.

Bundled Cloud Archive

Services for backup and archiving data are still very popular entry points into public cloud computing. For this reason, Metalogix is packaging their Exchange and file archiving solutions and an endpoint encryption technology, with Amazon, into an end-to-end solution. In effect, businesses can utilize Metalogix to archive their email and user data into an Amazon virtual private cloud environment while still maintaining stringent security and control over their information. This allows business owners to reduce their costs by moving data off expensive primary storage systems and into more cost effective cloud storage resources without the worry of it going into a ‘black hole’.

Storage Swiss Take

Unstructured data accounts for the lion’s share of growth taking place within data center environments. Many organizations need to cost effectively maintain this information long-term for compliance, information governance and for monetizing business data assets. Vendor agnostic data archiving utilities that can be used for multiple applications, may hold significant value for businesses trying to reduce data costs and ease operational management; from porting data across email and archiving platforms within the data center, to migrating aged data out into private or public cloud infrastructure. Metalogix brings all these capabilities to the table while giving businesses the peace of mind that they can always pull back their data from the brink.

Metalogix is not a client of Storage Switzerland

As a 22 year IT veteran, Colm has worked in a variety of capacities ranging from technical support of critical OLTP environments to consultative sales and marketing for system integrators and manufacturers. His focus in the enterprise storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions space extends from mainframe and distributed computing environments across a wide range of industries.

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