Webinar – How Server-Side Caching Can Compliment Networked Flash

Watch our On Demand Webinar to learn if Server Side Caching and Shared SSD Arrays need to be an either or proposition? Can the two technologies compliment each other? We think so!  Whether you are adding flash to your current storage system or buying a new flash optimized array, server-side caching can help you extract more value from that investment.

By Attending This Webinar You Will Learn:

1. How to Extend the Service Life of Your Existing Storage Assets
2. Make Your New Storage Investment Perform Better and Cost Less
3. Why Server-Side Caching And Shared Flash is the ideal Write Acceleration Technology

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Server-side caching is a highly targeted approach for accelerating storage IO directly at the source – on the server where the application lives. Whether an application is hosted on a physical or virtual machine, the use of server-side DRAM, PCIe Flash or drive form factor-SSD, eliminates the need to send data traffic over a network; helping to lower storage IO latency for business critical systems. When combined with a shared storage system that also has flash capacity, they make the perfect 1-2 punch to knock out your performance problems. By registering for this webinar you will learn how to leverage server side flash and shared flash for a higher performing storage infrastructure at a lower cost!

As a 22 year IT veteran, Colm has worked in a variety of capacities ranging from technical support of critical OLTP environments to consultative sales and marketing for system integrators and manufacturers. His focus in the enterprise storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions space extends from mainframe and distributed computing environments across a wide range of industries.

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