ChalkTalk – Edge Filer Powered Hybrid Cloud Storage

To learn about how Edge Filers can help you drive down storage costs while enhancing application performance, watch this chalk talk video between George Crump from Storage Switzerland and Ron Bianchini from Avere.

The cloud service provider “storage wars” are creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses of all sizes to drive down their storage costs. And with the vast majority of new data creation coming from unstructured data sources (user files, PDF’s, email, machine sensor data, rich multimedia files, etc.), the object storage repositories in these CSP environments are custom made to cost efficiently store all of this information. The question is, how can business data be stored in the cloud while maintaining quality of service for applications in the data center?

Resuscitated NAS Capacity

Traditional networked attached storage (NAS) systems have long been the workhorse for managing unstructured data. The challenge is that many of these systems performance starts to decline once these platforms approach 50% storage capacity consumption.

Edge Filer technology alleviates this issue by separating NAS storage performance from storage capacity. An Edge Filer provides a high performance flash based storage front-end to applications like VDI while enabling existing NAS arrays to function as the capacity tier – preserving the investment in existing storage.

Cloud Data Tiering

This same architecture can now be utilized to allow businesses to seamlessly attach to resources in the cloud, like Amazon’s simple storage service (S3) and their Glacier “deep storage” offering.  By providing a CIFS/NFS front-end to applications and supplying the application programming interfaces (APIs) to object storage back-ends, like S3, in the cloud, organizations can implement a stratified data tiering scheme to match the value of business data to the appropriate storage resource.

Since Edge Filer solutions can offload data on a 50-1 basis (49 data access requests are handled by the local Edge Filer while 1 request has to be retrieved over the network), IT planners can store infrequently accessed data in Amazon S3’s service to reduce their storage costs while getting the DR benefit of off-siting data to a 3rd party facility.

Glacial Economies of Scale

What’s really interesting is that Edge Filers can allow IT administrators to selectively export data in S3 (file, subdirectory level, etc.) to Amazon’s ultra low cost Glacier storage service, while still maintaining a “pre-viewable catalogue of all the data in the Glacier archive. Through this data catalogue, individual files or folders can be selectively imported from Glacier to S3 – saving organizations the time and money from having to do a full-blown import of all their data residing in Glacier.

To learn even more about how Edge Filers can help you drive down storage costs while enhancing application performance, please register to attend our Live Panel Discussion and Webinar, “Five Keys To A Successful Hybrid Cloud Storage Strategy”, between George Crump from Storage Switzerland and Ron Bianchini CEO of Avere. By viewing the webinar you can download a copy of Storage Swtizerland’s white paper “Hybrid Cloud NOW!”; How To Integrate Primary Storage and Cloud Storage.

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