The Easy Button for Hybrid Cloud Storage

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Various industry sources estimate that upwards of 70% of business computing and storage will remain in private data centers for the foreseeable future. So clearly, not everything is going to the cloud anytime soon. Many businesses, however, will look to leverage the cloud where it makes sense – like storing infrequently used files and backup data offsite on low cost cloud storage. The question is, how can businesses implement hybrid cloud storage in the least disruptive fashion?

Seamless Integration

Often times, the best solutions are those that work seamlessly alongside existing IT infrastructure. Edge filer technology, for example, enables organizations to dramatically accelerate NAS application workloads, like VDI, without the need to retire existing NAS resources. Instead, these devices serve as the NAS storage performance tier while enabling legacy NAS systems to function as the storage capacity tier. The result is improved application performance and increased life out of existing NAS storage assets.

Turn-key Cloud Connectivity

Now some of these technologies have been integrated with the capability to migrate inactive data sets off local NAS storage and into cloud provider facilities, like Amazon, for backup and DR protection. From an IT perspective, this is a relatively easy way to integrate cloud connectivity into the data center without going through the pains of re-coding applications to integrate with Amazon API sets. In other words, all the necessary cloud “hooks” are completely baked-in to this “Cloud NAS” technology.

From a business benefit standpoint, critical applications are accelerated since data is served up locally by SSD resources, while infrequently used or “stale” data sets are securely (AES 256-bit encryption) migrated to low-cost cloud storage. This results in enhanced application quality-of-service and increased storage efficiencies.

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As a 22 year IT veteran, Colm has worked in a variety of capacities ranging from technical support of critical OLTP environments to consultative sales and marketing for system integrators and manufacturers. His focus in the enterprise storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions space extends from mainframe and distributed computing environments across a wide range of industries.

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