ChalkTalk Video – How disk backup breaks Recovery in Place

Recovery in Place, offered by companies like Veeam, Dell’s AppAssure and PHD Virtual, is a powerful and valuable feature. It allows for virtual machines (VMs) to be recovered and executed directly from the backup device instead of having to transfer the entire VM over the network. As we outline in the our latest ChalkTalk video, the problem is that most of the systems that customers use for disk backup are poorly suited to being a primary storage for a VM, even if it is just temporarily.

The Performance Challenge of Recovery In Place

The first challenge that recovery in place technologies puts on disk backup appliances is that they don’t have the performance to be the storage host for a VM. Most disk backup appliances have a finite number of high capacity hard drives and they have data efficiency technologies like deduplication and compression. This technology, while valuable in the data center of old, may be a hindrance to more modern capabilities like recovery in place.

Changed Block Tracking, as discussed in our prior video, eliminates much of the redundancy that makes deduplication seem like such a worthwhile investment. And while high capacity hard drives keep the cost per GB attractive there are typically not enough of them to generate the performance required to host a VM. Especially if that VM’s primary storage is assisted by flash in some way.

To overcome the performance challenge, the next generation of disk backup needs to add a small SSD tier that allows for VMs that are recovered on the disk backup appliance  to execute at full speed.

The Reliability Challenge of Recovery In Place

The second challenge is that many disk backup appliances don’t have enough high availability to host a VM in a reliable manner. While these devices don’t need and can’t afford the redundancy of an enterprise system, some basic availability capabilities should be applied like redundant drives, power supplies and network connections. This allows for these appliances to strike the right balance between affordability and reliability.

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