VSPEX Enabled WAN Acceleration

Next up at EMC World we caught up with Tony Thompson and Everett Dolgner from Silver Peak. Our readers will be familiar with the fact that Silver Peak has been on the leading edge of providing software-defined WAN acceleration technology for virtualized environments. Silver Peak’s core value proposition is grooming WAN connections so that critical data can be efficiently and reliably replicated to alternate data center locations – whether it’s to a private data center or a cloud service provider (CSP) facility.

Data Protection Acceleration

In addition to replicating data for mission critical systems, many organizations are vaulting their nightly backup data off-site as an alternative to transporting containers of tape to secondary facilities. Moreover, there is an increasing need for businesses to burst application workloads into the cloud to distribute and load balance application workloads during peak usage periods. All of these use cases combined are placing greater demands on already congested network bandwidth links. Silver Peak helps to alleviate network bottlenecks by intelligently managing data packets as they traverse these links.

Intelligent Data Movement

For example, through data deduplication and compression, Silver Peak technology can reduce the amount of the replication payload before data starts to get transmitted. This allows information to pass more easily between locations without disrupting other forms of data traffic on the wire (like voice, video and messaging). For long-haul WAN connections (ie. cross-continental links like NYC to LA) Silver Peak’s solution also helps minimize or eliminate the latency issues induced by network packet loss, otherwise referred to as network “grooming”. The net effect is that even when data transmission rates increase, businesses can continue to utilize existing network connections without resorting to costly network infrastructure or bandwidth upgrades.

Acceleration At Your Speed

Recently, Silver Peak unveiled their new VRX-6 (Velocity Replication Acceleration) software product. This solution is designed to round out Silver Peak’s WAN acceleration portfolio by enabling data centers to accelerate data traffic over 300 Mbps WAN links. At the entry level, organizations can accelerate data traffic on 20 Mbps connections with the VRX-2 software product and progress up to 100 Mbps links on the VRX-4 software version. Likewise, the VRX-6 supports 300 Mbps and the top-end offering, the VRX-8, accelerates 1 Gbps links. Customers can upgrade from any release to any release through the use of a software key, so there is never a need to re-install the software or re-configure any of the settings – making upgrades seamless and non-disruptive.

Here at the EMC World show, Silver Peak announced their participation in the EMC VSPEX program. This program allows EMC channel partners to integrate Silver Peak’s virtual acceleration appliance as the WAN replication acceleration stack within a VMware and EMC converged storage environment. One of the main benefits is that existing virtualized resources can be used to deploy the virtual WAN acceleration appliance instead of having to implement a separate piece of physical hardware. This plays hand-in-glove with data center consolidation initiatives and speeds up the time it takes to get replication workloads accelerated. And now that organizations can closely match the acceleration software (20, 100, 300 Mbps or 1Gbps) with the actual bandwidth links they have on hand, they can efficiently provision the right acceleration resource at the right time without sacrificing the flexibility to make future changes as the business demands.

Storage Swiss Take

Increasingly, software technology is being deployed to aggregate and share physical computing and storage assets in the data center. This allows for resources to be distributed more efficiently and more rapidly to accommodate changing business needs. Silver Peak is astutely contributing to this trend by allowing businesses to consume their WAN acceleration technology through a lightweight software deployment that can be launched on a virtual machine. And now that their solution can accelerate virtually any network connection type, organizations can help ensure the speed and quality of their critical data transmissions through a simple software deployment.

EMC and Silver Peak are clients of Storage Switzerland

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