One comment on “ChalkTalk Video: Object Storage Needs Flash Too!
  1. Tim Wessels says:

    Well, a little breezy, but what can you do in 4 minutes to layout how SSDs will play in an object store. WD’s “Active Archive” is based on Amplidata’s Himalaya software which WD acquired not too long ago. Amplidata (WD/HGST), like Cleversafe (IBM), only uses erasure coding to protect data. The use of SSDs in an object store would certainly make it faster to retrieve data protected with erasure coding.

    Let’s face it, flash is going to eventually permeate every aspect of data storage, including object. And now that Seagate has shown a 60TB SSD, you could have PB capacity on a single object-based storage cluster node or approx. 30PB of storage capacity in a 42U rack.

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