Webinar: Understanding IOPS, Bandwidth and Latency

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When trying to measure storage performance, IT professionals often concentrate on IOPS. But IOPS may be the least valuable performance measurement statistic available. Most data centers can’t generate enough consistent IOPS for them to be a relevant way to compare storage systems. Most environments benefit more from reductions in latency and increases in bandwidth more so that IOPS.

The first step in selecting a new storage system is to understanding the IOPS, bandwidth and latency claims vendors make and how it relates to your data center. The second step is to apply this knowledge to the entire storage infrastructure – not just the storage system – to optimize IOPS and bandwidth while minimizing latency.

Storage Switzerland hosts this on demand webinar featuring Lead Analyst George Crump and Tegile Systems’ VP of Marketing Rob Commins. They define IOPS, bandwidth and latency and explain how to best develop an end-to-end architecture that delivers the maximum performance possible.

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