6 comments on “Can Data Profiling Solve The Data Epidemic?
  1. Kevan Durrell says:

    I am not sure if I understand where Data Profiling is applied in the life cycle of data. Is continuous Data Profiling working as a gateway that monitors ALL data access? Is Data Profiling a periodic scan that updates its indexes?

    I think that Data Profiling will provide a ‘sharp tool’ that someone will need to wield. Specifically, who creates the workflow and disposition rules based on the metadata collected by Data Profiling? It is one thing to add something to the data storage system that allows more control, but I believe we will need a much better understanding of best practices before the value of Data Profiling can be realized. Otherwise, we have more information about our data, but we do not make good use of it.

  2. I am a big advocate of what you here call the profiling of data and agree with the potential benefits. This is part of such an intricate IT ecosystem though that requires a set of rules around what to do with data that has been profiled.

    Collecting metadata on information is not very valuable if the information can not be acted upon as a part of an integrated process. Once Profiled the data in the catalog needs to be acted upon by a set of rules that have been built upon an internal data taxonomy at the customer. These rules are probably complex and many. e.g., What do I do with data that is owned by Kevin, that has not been accessed in 2 years, is a legal document of type PDF and is over 10MB in size? I recently wrote a blog on this topic for another vendor in this space called Catalogic Software.

    Folks like Index Engines and Catalogic Software are in a developing market space and it will be interesting to see the levels of automation and linkages into backup and recovery processes these vendors deliver over time.

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  6. Oscar Tong says:

    Data profiling is a top priority where I work. It seems as though too many new employees are confused about the difference between data profiling and data discovery.

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