StorageShort: Does Object Storage Make Sense for Backups?

One might wonder why anyone would use object storage now that we have so many deduplication storage arrays available. We tackle that question head on in this Storage Switzerland webinar. Here’s a quick peek at that discussion.

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4 comments on “StorageShort: Does Object Storage Make Sense for Backups?
  1. Eric Crane says:

    My thoughts on object storage is that it can fill up fast with a lot of duplicate data. When it comes to a backup solution many vendors are looking to save space as much as possible. For example Unitrends Backup uses deduplication so that blocks are only backed up once, allowing the best possible compression. The first set of backups can take a bit longer than incrementals however I feel it has higher benefits than object storage for backups.

  2. Object Storage makes sense for backups on cloud, because it can scale more for cloud provides, provides interfaces/automation and cost (AWS,Azure, etc) is cheaper.

    But if you have a look at on-premises solutions that use the concept of commodity hardware/erasure coding etc.. like Nutanix, VMware VSAN, etc you see the costs of those solutions are very high and you can find some traditional storage arrays where the cost is same or cheaper.

    At Unitrends we have boomerang for object storage backups in cloud and unitrends backup for block storage backups.

  3. David Frid says:

    Object storage can assist with reducing storage required for backups, but need to be certain that copies of the data are close to the recovery point to meet RTOs. To reduce backup windows for the ever-growing data sets, global mapping at the client level to minimize blocks that need to move across he wire in the first place can improve backup windows and RTO’s

  4. Ajii says:

    Object Storage is perhaps the future

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