SlideShare: Do Hyperconverged Systems Need File Services?

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) products have significantly grown in popularity in the last few years, leading many vendors to adopt a hyperconverged approach. VMware is adding to its portfolio a series of products that make its product more suitable to hyperconverged environments.

One concern is hyperconverged infrastructures often leave out one of the core services that many IT environments have come to rely on: Shared file services. Since shared file services is not built into most HCI products, it leaves customers with a few choices, each of which come with advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, the customer can choose to provide file services from a VM or purchase a dedicated NAS product to run separate from the HCI environment. There is also the opportunity to integrate the cloud as part of the file services option. There may also be the opportunity to improve or offload the challenges associated with data protection.

Is there a third choice that offers the advantages of both but with fewer disadvantages?

Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst W. Curtis Preston and Nasuni’s Fred Pinkett discussed this important topic and and give answers to these questions in this on demand webinar.

Watch On Demand

Watch On Demand

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