StorageShort: How To Meet RPO/RTO Expectations

Organizations must meet increasingly strict recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Essentially they want their applications back up and running as soon as possible with minimal data loss. To meet these challenges IT professionals have to increase the frequency of when protection events occur while decreasing how long it takes to get that data copied to secondary storage and subsequently copied off-site.

The problem is that increased frequency of protection and decreased time to copy places stress on other aspects of the infrastructure. First, increased protection frequency means that backup application needs to properly interface with the application to put it into a protected state so it can make a clean copy. Moving an application into a protected state means that its performance is impacted, protection has to occur quickly so the application can be returned to full performance.

Second, data needs to move from primary storage to secondary storage and eventually to the DR site. Data should not be considered protected until copied on two secondary storage devices, with one of those devices being away from the primary site. It is critical that the protection application be able to move the smallest amount of data possible. To accomplish this requires change block identification, deduplication and compression.

To learn more about how to meet the new standards of RPO and RTO watch our StorageShort below.

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