Cloud NAS Storage efficiency

How can organizations improve the performance of their existing NAS assets 50x without doing a massive forklift upgrade? The answer could be integrating a Cloud NAS system. As the name implies, a Cloud NAS leverages ubiquitous, low-cost cloud storage, to “free” up NAS assets deployed locally or in remote locations from storing and managing the majority of business data. These NAS systems can then focus on servicing up access to hot data sets to dramatically improve performance.

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Hybrid Cloud Storage

But many organizations are looking at ways to build private cloud capabilities. Technologies like object storage can enable businesses to efficiently store massive amounts of information. Interestingly, Cloud NAS platforms can address storage resources in public and/or private clouds to give IT organizations the choice of where they want to store their business information. For businesses supporting field offices across wide geographies, this could be very advantageous. For example, a business headquartered in New York City could choose to store business data with a cloud provider in Asia to better support their users in a Tokyo office location. On the other hand, that same business may opt to store the inactive data sets in their centralized data center location, on an object storage platform, like Cleversafe’s, to achieve greater economies of scale.

Global Namespace

To enable the seamless management of data across public and private cloud storage requires the use of a global namespace. Cloud NAS systems have a built-in global namespace that has the intelligence of identifying how to access and store data, regardless of the underlying physical infrastructure that the data resides on.

Secure Encryption

Cloud NAS systems also provide hardened data security by utilizing AES-256 bit encryption when transmitting and storing data on private or public cloud storage resources. And importantly, key management is automatically managed by the Cloud NAS itself. In other words, cloud providers have no way of deciphering the data stored in their infrastructure. This is critically important as data privacy and security have become paramount issues given the increased vulnerability to data from hackers or from other unauthorized sources.

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