MeetTheCEO: Former EqualLogic Founder and DataGravity CEO Paula Long

In this MeetTheCEO, George Crump and I sit down with Paula Long, who was one of the co-founders of EqualLogic, the company that ignited the storage revolution, putting the big three storage companies on notice. EqualLogic brought enterprise features to the mid-range data center and almost single-handily forced the adoption of iSCSI.

Now Long is back as CEO and co-founder of DataGravity, a company that promises to bring meaning to the term data asset. During our conversation, we talk about the perils and rewards of being a start-up entrepreneur, the sales of EqualLogic to Dell and why she thinks DataGravity is set to be a difference maker.

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One comment on “MeetTheCEO: Former EqualLogic Founder and DataGravity CEO Paula Long
  1. Tim Wessels says:

    Well, EqualLogic bet on iSCSI, which may have been a leap of faith at the time. That said, . the company was unprofitable for the first five years and claimed to reach profitability just prior to the time Dell put $1.4B (cash) on the table to buy the company. So, no IPO and no lengthy public disclosures prior to Dell acquiring EqualLogic. The founders of EqualLogic were smart to take Michael Dell’s money. Not a tough choice for a company which had received $50M in funding. The investors were probably ready for a payday and $1.4B in hand seemed worth a lot more than waiting to do an IPO and waiting even longer to unload their stock. Nothing wrong with selling your company for a pile of cash after five years of effort.

    Today, the legacy SAN and NAS market is getting squeezed by flash array storage on one side and by object-based storage on the other. EqualLogic’s motto back in the day was “Simplifying Networked Storage” and that is exactly what is happening today with flash and object storage. Storage simplification is being driven by software defined storage.

    Where does DataGravity play in all of this? DataGravity does data governance and security analytics on primary storage systems, but what about the large “data lakes” being created by scale-out object-based storage systems? Storage pundit, Enrico Signoretti suggested to DataGravity what it needed to do in a article he wrote for the The Register where he said…”companies like DataGravity would be even more interesting if applied to huge data repositories…” Apparently DataGravity felt interested enough in what he had to say to post a link to the article on their website.

    So, the question is what is DataGravity doing to use its data analytics to tier data from primary storage systems to S3-compatible object-based storage clusters, like those built with Cloudian’s HyperStore?

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