W. Curtis Preston is joining Storage Switzerland

World-renowned blogger and writer W. Curtis Preston is now a member of the Storage Switzerland team of storage analysts.

Preston joins Lead Analyst George Crump and Senior Analyst Joseph Ortiz in providing Storage Switzerland readers the best education and insight into the world of enterprise-class storage technology.

“Curtis is a valuable addition to our team that will benefit Storage Switzerland and our readers”, Crump said. “I’ve known Curtis and have had a great deal of respect for him for a long time. He is a leader in our market, and I’m very thankful that he has the high regard for Storage Switzerland to bring his talents to our team.”

Preston’s work has been seen on his websites TruthinIT.com and TrueBit.TV, a venture he has run since 2011.

“I miss writing, and the way I was running Truth in IT left almost no time to write”, Preston wrote. “So I’ve reorganized Truth in IT, which allows me time to write. George, in turn, has more writing work than he can shake a stick at. Sounds like a perfect relationship.”

Preston is the author of three books: Backup & Recovery, Using SANs and NAS, and UNIX Backup & Recovery. Either through his writing, speaking at hundreds of seminars and conferences or his video work, Preston’s mission is the same: arming today’s IT managers with unbiased information about the storage industry and its products.

Storage Switzerland provides analysis and education in the world of Enterprise Storage, allowing readers to determine how to best design their storage architectures. The multi-platform approach allows Storage Switzerland analysts to produce blogs, white papers, webinars, podcasts and chalk-talk videos to help educate end users around the world. Crump feels Preston’s experience will make him a perfect fit with the Storage Switzerland team.

“I think it’s safe to say that with the exposure we have through Storage Switzerland and Curtis’ work, two of the three most popular storage analysts in the world are under the Storage Switzerland banner”, Crump said. “I can’t be more excited for Curtis, for our readers and for Storage Switzerland.”

About Storage Switzerland: Storage Switzerland is an analyst firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. It provides education on the latest developments and trends in the storage industry to IT professionals to help them design better data centers. This education is provided through its website, storageswiss.com. Lead Analyst and Founder George Crump and his staff use a number of formats to provide that education from white papers to articles to blogs and webinars. Crump has perfected the ChalkTalk Video format that is popular with users, and its podcasts help inform listeners on upcoming events at storageswiss.com and lets the users meet the leaders of the storage industry through the MeetTheCEO interviews.

Learn more about Storage Switzerland, George Crump, Joseph Ortiz and W. Curtis Preston at the company’s website, storageswiss.com.

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3 comments on “W. Curtis Preston is joining Storage Switzerland
  1. Certainly a good addition to the team!!

  2. Sean says:

    Curtis, great to hear!

  3. Most of us learnt the concepts of backup and recovery from Curtis’s books. Look forward to learn from him again. I have been a regular to Storage Switzerland and thankful to the team for sharing unbiased knowledge with the community.

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