StorageShort: The Problems with IOPS Testing

When IT professionals begin investigating all-flash arrays they are often drawn to the IOPS benchmark that almost every vendor uses to boast about system performance. The reality is that IOPS, while it may have some value, should be just one of the criteria that organizations should use to determine the best all-flash storage solution for their specific use case. As we discuss in our webinar “Getting Beyond Flash 101 – Flash 102 Selecting the Right Flash Array“, it’s easy to manipulate IOPS tests in a variety of ways, including the read/write mixture, the randomness of the I/O stream and even the type of and how many SSDs were used during the test. This StorageShort gives you a quick summary of some challenges with using IOPS as the sole measuring stick, the rest of the webinar goes into detail of selecting the right all-flash storage system for your data center.

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Watch On Demand

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