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  2. Tim Wessels says:

    Well, it would be hard to make a case for object-based storage (OBS) if it wasn’t lower in cost than traditional DAS, SAN, and NAS storage, extremely scalable and able to provide high levels of data durability. These features are baked in for every OBS vendor, although several of them only use erasure coding for data protection. The use of metadata search, storage policies, and support for legacy data access protocols like NFS, SMB, and FTP are table stakes for most OBS vendors. To the list, of good features to have, you can add data deduplication, data compressing, data encryption, and tiering data to other OBS providers like AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure.

    To reach a broad market, OBS vendors also need to focus on easy deployment and easy management. It should not take a ten-day professional services engagement to get an OBS cluster up and running nor should it take someone with extensive experience as a storage administrator to manage it. Fine-tuning and tinkering with OBS storage performance parameters should not be required.

    Vendor OBS storage hardware reference architectures are good to have. Some OBS software vendors have partnered with storage hardware vendors like Dell, HPE, Lenovo, QCT and Supermicro to offer a fully supported OBS deployment. Some OBS vendors private label storage hardware appliances backed by the OBS vendor to create a turnkey installation experience. A Proof-of-Concept is something every customer should undertake before choosing an OBS vendor.

    All the OBS software vendors lack are lots of customers. Why has it taken so long for OBS to take off when it represents the next foundational tier in data storage.

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