Webinar: End NAS Sprawl – Gain Control Over Unstructured Data

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The storing and managing of unstructured data is a problem facing traditional enterprises, high performance compute environments, and specific vertical industries like media and entertainment, artificial intelligence, medical research and energy. At the center of these efforts is some type of network attached storage (NAS) device but the heart of the NAS is its file system. The modern file system must scale to many petabytes and billions of files across multiple storage devices and potentially geographic locations. At the same time it has to balance offering extremely high performance and cost effective data preservation. The reality is that most file systems can’t provide this range of support, which leads to NAS sprawl.

The key to ending NAS Sprawl is to fix the file system so it can offer cost effective, scalable, high performance storage. In this on demand webinar Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump, Quantum VP of Global Marketing Molly Rector, and the Quantum StorNext Solution Marketing Manager Dave Frederick discuss the challenges facing the typical scale-out storage environment and what IT professionals should be looking for in solutions to eliminate NAS Sprawl once and for all.

In this webinar learn:

  1. What’s Causing NAS Sprawl
  2. How Vendors are putting bandaids on the problem
  3. What to look for in a unifying file system

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