StorageShort: Does Flash Durability Matter Anymore

When the enterprise started using flash, the durability of that media was a major concern for both vendors and IT professionals. It grew a little closer to failure each time data was written to the flash device. Visions of banks of flash drives suddenly failing were stuck in everyone’s head. A massive flash failure seldom actually happened, and when it did it was easily resolved with standard data protection schemes like RAID. Over time as flash capacity-per-device increased the concern grew even smaller. In this StorageShort, Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump and Intel SSD Storage Solution Architect Chuck Brown discuss if flash durability should even be a concern for the modern enterprise.

You can get more information on the evolution of flash by watching our webinar “The Bifurcation of the Flash Market” now available on-demand.

Watch On Demand

Watch On Demand

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