2 comments on “The Impact of Persistent Memory in the Data Center
  1. thekatman says:

    Loved the piece, George.

  2. fstevenchalmers says:

    The dream, of course, is that applications will read and write shared persistent storage in the same way they would a shared data structure in memory today…eliminating the storage stack entirely from the performance path.

    This is a data plane / control plane split in storage much like the one networking went through roughly 20 years ago. In effect, I open the file (or object) and get a memory address pointer to it; I read and write inline from user space; when I close the file my address mapping and access rights are revoked.

    Reality is hard: this is not only a lot of storage software (and hardware tables sufficient to represent an interestingly large number of simultaneous objects/files/regions); sharing has some synchronization and atomicity behaviors which might puzzle an application writer used to using traditional storage stacks (see SNIA persistent memory papers); and of course applications must be ported and probably rewritten to achieve optimal performance.

    We’re in for an interesting ride the next 20 years!

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