The Unified Cloud WAN

Prior to the cloud era, most business information stayed on the corporate WAN. But now more corporate data traffic is going over the internet to sites like, Dropbox and AWS. The problem is IT has limited visibility and control over the quality of these network connections. As a result, the end-user may experience application latency issues. In the following ChalkTalk video, we discuss how organizations can regain control of their corporate cloud data traffic.

As we discuss in the video, legacy network infrastructure typically relies on static routing protocols like OSPF and BGB to move data. This was fine when data stayed within the confines of the corporate WAN. But when users connect to cloud provider sites, their data packets sometimes have to take a very circuitous route to arrive at their destination. This can result in additional latency and poor application performance. Some organizations are attempting to address this issue by installing internet gateways in different locations across the US. However, these gateways still use the same static routing protocols to move data. In other words, they don’t always move the data through the most optimal internet network path.

To make internet connectivity more reliable, IT organizations need a way to dynamically route data based on the shortest path and the least congested links. But to do this requires a layer of network intelligence that can see out across all the various network hops and links that interconnect corporate data centers and branch offices to cloud provider sites. The solution also needs to automate the rerouting of data traffic based on real-time internet “weather” conditions – just like a GPS system can detect congestion on a freeway and reroute the driver to an alternate roadway.

Silver Peak’s Unity offering is designed to help IT managers regain visibility into the real-time status of their corporate cloud traffic while ensuring that data always traverses the most optimal path to its destination.

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