Will your Converged Infrastructure reduce operational costs?

Some manufacturers have developed converged offerings that make the deployment of server compute, networking and storage resources more streamlined by pre-integrating each component into a rack enclosure. While this reduces deployment time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the ongoing operational management of the solution will be any easier than when each device was separately sourced and integrated by the end-user.

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The cost of management is often difficult to quantify but for small to medium sized businesses with limited IT staffs, operational simplicity is usually a critically important element for adopting a solution. Increasingly, IT administrators are being asked to develop knowledge and expertise across a broad swath of disciplines – from server virtualization and networking to storage management and data protection. In short, many organizations can’t afford to have a dedicated IT server, networking or storage admin. This means that infrastructure management simplicity is key.

But are converged solutions the answer to this management dilemma? As always, the answer is “it depends”. It depends on whether or not the manufacturer has simply thrown a bunch of previously siloed components into a box or if they have designed a solution built from the ground up to be managed as a cohesive unit. In other words, all day-to-day operational functions should be managed from a single, integrated interface. IT admins ideally should be able to deploy virtual machines with all the requisite compute, networking and storage assets with a few simple mouse clicks from that same interface. And if the solution is intuitive enough, it won’t require administrators to go offsite for a week to learn how to manage the system. Instead, they could figure it all out with light “over the shoulder” training in a matter of hours.

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    did you get chance to test one of these “clusters” ?

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