StorageShort: M&E – Content Distribution, Performance vs. Cost

One of the challenges facing Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies today is content distribution. No longer are users starting at their televisions screens waiting for content to come to them. They want access to the content when they want to and on the device that is most available to them. Content delivery networks (CDN) solve this problem for the newest content as viewers will watch millions of times a day. But CDNs are expensive and M&E organizations need to carefully manage what goes on them. And part of the on-demand experience is to get seemingly instant access to content that is older and are not as popular anymore. In this StorageShort, StorageSwiss and Caringo discuss how object storage can solve both the challenge of feeding the CDN and delivering less popular data while also driving down the cost of content storage.

Watch On Demand

Watch On Demand

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