SlideShare: Performance vs. Cost – Solving The HPC Storage Tug-of-War

When it comes to storage, High Performance Computing (HPC) environments are struggling with an interesting tug of war. On one side these environments need incredibly fast storage systems—the performance tier. Speed in HPC either allows for a greater number of simulations, the inclusion of a broader data set or the servicing of more jobs. On the other side is the capacity tier driven by HPC data capacity demands that are increasing at alarming rates. The cost to store this data on high performance storage puts a strain on HPC budgets and existing storage resources.

The HPC storage performance tier is well defined: scale-out solid state storage systems. But the capacity tier is up for debate. Should you use a high end NAS file system or make the switch to object storage? More importantly: How do you move data from the performance tier to the capacity tier without placing additional burden on already overworked IT personnel?

We answer these questions and provide designs that solve the HPC storage-tug-of-war in our on demand webinar with Caringo. Listen as experts on HPC, NAS and Object Storage discuss the HPC storage challenge, debate the potential solutions and provide you guidance on how to create the right architecture.

Watch On Demand

Watch On Demand

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